class torchelie.datasets.Pix2PixDataset(root: str, which: str, split: str = 'train', download: bool = False, transform: Optional[Callable] = None)

Paired images datasets made for the Pix2Pix paper for paired image translation.

  • root (str) – path to the dataset

  • which (str) – which dataset to use. One of [‘cityscapes’, ‘edges2handbags’, ‘edges2shoes’, ‘facades’, ‘maps’, ‘night2day’]

  • split (str) – choose ‘train’, ‘val’ or ‘test’ set. Default to train.

  • download (bool) – if True, download the dataset

  • (optional (transform) – function): A callable that transforms the paired image represented as a 6 channels tensor.

cityscapes, maps have train and val splits.

night2day, facades have traint, test and val splits.