class torchelie.nn.MaskedConv2d(in_chan, out_chan, ks, center, stride=1, bias=(1, 1))

A masked 2D convolution for PixelCNN

  • in_chan (int) – number of input channels

  • out_chan (int) – number of output channels

  • ks (int) – kernel size

  • center (bool) – whereas central pixel is masked or not

  • stride (int) – stride, defaults to 1

  • bias (2-tuple of ints) – A spatial bias. Either the spatial dimensions of the input for a different bias at each location, or (1, 1) for the same bias everywhere (default)

bias: Optional[torch.Tensor]
dilation: Tuple[int, ]
groups: int
kernel_size: Tuple[int, ]
out_channels: int
output_padding: Tuple[int, ]
padding: Tuple[int, ]
padding_mode: str
stride: Tuple[int, ]
transposed: bool
weight: torch.Tensor